Club Reports: What’s Closed & What’s Open

Downtown on a Saturday night, two weeks after Florida’s Governor reinstated regulations that closed all bars but allowed restaurants that had bars to remain open. Let’s look at what was closed last night. Lions Pride, closed.
Ceviche, closed permanently.
This stacked complex that includes Chillers, Cahoots and Latitudes was closed. They filed suit Friday against the Governor questioning why bars had to close but restaurants with bars could remain open. Good question.
Ferg’s Depot closed before covid-19 hit and remains closed.
Cleo’s Lounge & Celine, closed.
Wall Street Plaza bars and clubs, closed.
Elixir Bar could be open since they’re mainly a restaurant, but they remain closed following some employees testing positive for the virus.
Tier Nightclub, closed.
The saddest part of downtown last night was this stretch of normally-packed Orange Avenue. The Beacham, The Social, Aero Bar, 64 North, The Patio and Independent Bar all shuttered.
So what was open? The Market on Magnolia is a relatively unknown restaurant / sports bar.
Harry Buffalo turns sports bar in the evening.
Cocktails & Screams was apparently open but I did not see any customers when I peaked in.
But Corona Cigar Co. was doing a brisk business.
Mai Thai is a restaurant that turns into a club at night and they had been advertising a DJ playing last night. But I saw no customers and the DJ booth was empty when I passed by.
The Basement / Jimmy Hula’s was open.
Downtown Pour House was back open.
As was Dapper Duck.
Avenue was open.
Along with Underground Public House.
Shots Orlando has found a way to be open.
The Robinson was open.
A retailer like Dank Smoke Shop had no reason to close. Kush Ultralounge above it could not be open.
Both Stokes and Fuel were open. Swiggs was not.
Mather’s Social Gathering was open for business.
As was Sly Fox. To get an alcoholic drink, you have to also purchase food. Overall, quite a few venues were open, what was lacking was customers….and music. It was summertime sadness down there!