Club Reports: Celine, Kevin O’Ryans, Independent Bar, Elixir Bar, Aero Bar

I thought I had stumbled onto something new!
There was a line outside this alley located between the Mather’s Social Gathering and the Celine buildings. Looked like perhaps there was some kind of hidden underground party taking place back here. I HAD to check that out!
Sadly, there was no hidden back alcove. The stairs simply took you upstairs to…..
The rooftop patio at Celine. There weren’t too many people here.
DJ Jay Slides (USA) playing Hip Hop.
Meanwhile down in the main room…..nothing. And it was blocked off.
Right before the pandemic closures hit, a new venue in Wall Street Plaza took over The Other Bar spot. It’s called Kevin O’Ryans The Other Irish Bar.
Here we found DJ John Campisano (USA) playing Top 40 hits.
But no one was here to listen! This is Wall Street’s fault. Their website advertises that they’re still “closed until further notice” yet Shine was open, Hooch was open, Hen House was open. This just creates confusion and eliminates Wall Street Plaza as a night’s destination. And did I tell you about all the homeless sleeping outside the Waitiki/Monkey Bar building?
They do have this cool sign though!
And so does Independent Bar!
Just as it should be on a Saturday night, DJ Indie John (USA) in the perch delivering the good stuff, 80’s New Wave.
Scarily empty though.
With the reported increase in Covid-19 cases around Florida, people are staying home. I-Bar does a great job with enforcing mask-wearing and social distancing, but the bar and club business can’t stage a comeback without customers and downtown was noticeably empty both nights this weekend.
You try to have fun the best you can.
Over to Elixir Bar, one of the first downtown venues to reopen.
DJ Oteo (USA) on the decks playing House.
Their famous outside patio wasn’t empty but it had nowhere near the crowds we saw here just a few weeks ago when Elixir was one of the few venues open.
Dancing in the corner!
Some of Oteo’s selections had a distinct 70’s Disco vibe to them!
This Thursday DJ duo Cocodrills (USA) plays here at Elixir. That’s a do-no-miss event!
Next over to Aero!
Resident DJ Cliff T (USA) playing House and EDM.
This was the biggest crowd at any of the clubs visited last night!
The DJ had everyone bouncing!
A nice crowd by last night’s standards but probably only one-third the size of a typical Saturday night at Aero.
A good time was had by all.