Club Reports: The Patio, Aero Bar, Mai Thai, Shine & Hooch, Celine

Downtown Orlando is back in business! While some venues remain closed, many have reopened this weekend. Oh where, oh where to begin? We began at The Patio.
DJ Dan-e Crane (USA) was in the booth when we arrived.
Just a small contingent on the dance floor at this early hour. Tables have been placed on the floor to meet seating capacity requirements.
Their no cover charge philosophy and the constant stream of Top 40 bangers always brings out the crowd. So it didn’t take long to fill up, even with a 50% capacity restriction.
DJ Parry (USA) taking over later in the evening.
Bubble music would make Lawrence Welk proud!
Spotted at the booth!
There really is always a party at The Patio!
A good time was had by all.
Our favorite Aero Bar is upstairs from The Patio so it was the next stop.
DJ’s Cliff T (USA) and Robin (USA) were taking turns delivering House and EDM.
Like downstairs, things began slow.
Plenty of social distancing here.
Fun in the corner!
You’ll find Cliff T here on Friday and Saturday nights delivering the good stuff!
A good time was had by all.
Spotted standing in the middle of Orange Avenue: DJ Evolv3 (USA), Stan Benjamin, Brian Pepper & DJ Jimmy Joslin (USA)
On to Mai Thai located on Pine Street.
DJ Exclusive (USA) in the booth playing Hip Hop.
Very upscale but not that crowded during my visit.
They have this awesome back-lit, color-changing bar.
The Wall Street Plaza website is still advertising that they’re closed and indeed, most of their bars remain shuttered. But The Other Bar was open, as were Shine / Hooch.
DJ Adam Wells (USA) was in a corner of Hooch playing Hip Hop hits to both venues.
Tables occupied what is normally the dance floor of Shine.
No one was dancing in either bar but both had good crowds on hand.
Well, I guess this guy was dancing!
Now over to Celine for the big show!
Arrived to find the main room already packed!
The aft section of the main room was also jammed!
DJ duo Yokai (USA) were playing House.
More House music upstairs on their famous Rooftop Lounge.
With 50% capacity limits, not as crowded as we often see here.
But not empty by any means.
On House nights downstairs, they often play Hip Hop here in the Celine Speakeasy. But not last night!
DJ Protaxia (USA) on the decks!
More House music but a bit more on the Dirtybird side and sometimes even a Disco vibe!
Spotted on the dance floor: Jeremy
Spotted on the dance floor: Erick & Donna
First time seeing Protaxia play and everyone was asking me who he was.
OK, as 12:30AM approached, time to go down to the main room where Yokai was finishing their set.
As you can see, only a couple wearing masks.
Everyone here to see DJ Shiba San (F).
He’s played The Beacham and Gilt Nightclub during previous visits to Orlando.
Shiba San is based in Paris.
The lasers were flying.
He had more of a Tech House sound to him last night.
It was just too crowded for my liking though so I did not stick around that long.
But a good time was had by all.