Club Reports: Social Distancing?

I had no idea of the controversy I would stoke last night when I posted a teaser photo on FaceBook showing a crowded dance floor at Elixir Bar & Hash House. There is the “Stay at Home” crowd versus the “Open Up” crowd, there is the “Social Distancing” crowd versus the “Pack Them In” crowd. And there is the on-going controversy about why venues that are predominantly restaurants can be open while those that are predominantly bars or clubs have to remain shuttered. All good questions to ponder as I passed Mai Thai last night. Mainly a restaurant, it was packed as a DJ played Hip Hop.
Dapper Duck and Orlando Pour House were open and crowded.
As was Avenue Gastropub.
But for me, the place to be was Elixir!
Came in and went straight to their famous patio where DJ Krybtonite (USA) was blasting out House music!
Early on people in their own groups were generally spaced-out from one another.
But the awesome music created a line at the door and it soon got crowded.
House music all night long.
Social distancing at the outdoor bar.
Social distancing at the indoor bar.
DJ Chino (USA) taking over later and doubling down on House music!
I maintained a low profile in a patio corner where I spotted Krybtonite flanked by DJ Oteo (USA) and DJ A-Stylez (USA).
The dance floor got jamming!
“Their milkshakes bring all the boys to the yard.”
Chino played a 15-minute segment of Latin and Hip Hop before migrating back to the House music the peeps came to hear.
With Universal, Sea World, Legoland and Disney reopening soon, hopefully the Governor will allow everyone to reopen too.
And thus the controversy; how do you do it safely in a bar and club setting.
A good time was had by all.