Club Reports: Looking For House Music Downtown

Friday night in the city, looking for some House music. The only House at Treehouse is in its name but it’s fun place for having a drink or shot while sitting on their grass floor so why not stop by? Door locked! No problem, going around to the front of the building.

Damn, no one here either!
Monkey Bar is a great place to hear real House music from DJ Dity or one of his colleagues. WTF, the hidden elevator is shuttered! Won’t be going up there.
Aero Bar should be open since it’s outdoors, right? Nope, locked tight! No DJ Cliff T or Robin or Kevin Kon tonight. I was getting concerned.
Things were not promising as I walked up to Elixir Bar because it looked kind of dark inside.
No House music either on their famous outdoor patio; the only sound was crickets.
Celine Nightclub has gone Hip Hop on Saturday nights but they’re still House on Friday nights. What I found though was the ATM was working, but sadly the club wasn’t. As you can see, Friday night was an early night. A good time was had by….. no one.