Club Reports: Elixir Bar, Celine, Latitudes, Wall Street Plaza, The Patio, Aero Bar

It was the coldest night of Winter 2020 last night with temps in the 40’s when I arrived downtown. So what a perfect time to check out Orlando’s downtown outdoor clubs. First stop, Elixir Bar.
Not sure if the inside was open but their famous outdoor patio was shuttered!
Next over to Celine.
Their famous rooftop patio, shuttered.
Fortunately inside we found DJ Nela (USA) playing House!
Latitudes may be downtown’s most-famous rooftop venue.
Unlike the others so far, they were actually open and we found DJ Scott (USA) warming up his numb hands while playing Top 40!
The few patrons there were leaving when I first arrived.
And with 22mph winds blowing across the roof, that was about it.
Wall Street Plaza is a block of bars and clubs lining a street of the same name.
No DJ on stage last night.
And while the bars had patrons, the street itself which is normally packed was deserted.
Federal nightclub blogging regulations require us to verify quarterly outlandish claims such as The Patio‘s “Where There’s Always A Party”. Based on what we had encountered earlier, what a perfect night to put this to the test!
Always means always so we even double-checked to make sure there was no asterisk and disclaimer for cold nights next to “Always”.
But damn, we walked into this!
DJ Dan-e Crane (USA) had the place jammed!
The music was Top 40 leaning towards Hip Hop hits but there was a little bit of EDM and Latin as well and the dance floor stayed full!
Cold weather meant snow at times but the peeps didn’t care.
Spotted in the booth with Dan-e Crane: DJ Parry (USA) and Renee
Spotted on his appointed rounds: Photographer Michael Khan
People singing along to my request, “Baby Shark”!
OK, we’ve verified that it’s true. There really is always a party at The Patio!
But what about Aero, another rooftop venue?
OMG, I walked into this!
DJ Cliff T (USA) blasting out EDM!
We’re on a roof, the winds are howling, it’s 47F° but the dance floor is packed!
The peeps want EDM!
Lots of Melbourne Shuffle going on!
DJ Kevin Conn (USA) taking over later during my visit.
Cold air, don’t care!
Always fun up here on Friday and Saturday nights!
A good time was had by all.