Club Reports: Celine, Ember, Iron Cow

What is going on at Celine? No EDM event booked on a Friday night?
No one on the dance floor in the main room?
No one on the dance floor on the rooftop patio?
Saturdays will now be Hip Hop and Reggaeton?
Now over to Ember where on Friday nights well drinks are just $1 until midnight!
MC Dalastmo (USA) and DJ Dane Dollar (USA) were leading the festivities!
Unlike Celine, Ember was packed!
While there’s an informal dance floor near the DJ booth…..
…..people were kind of just dancing all over the place!
Shortly after midnight, DJ Magic Mike (USA) taking over!
Last Friday was the first of this new Friday night event ft. Magic Mike. He says over 700 heads came through last week and from the looks of things, it would be similar numbers last night!
The music was all Hip Hop and R&B.
That look you get from Hip Hop!
We’re still hoping for another Magic Mike EDM show at House of Blues since a hurricane cancelled the last one on Labor Day weekend.
But the outdoor patio at Ember is the place to be on Friday nights!
Still needing some House music to begin the weekend, last stop was Iron Cow.
Arrived just in time to see DJ Mathew Scot (USA) turn the controls over to DJ Atnarko (USA).
The bar was busier than the dance floor though.
Atnarko playing mostly House but also mixing in a segment of Nu Disco!
Spotted on the patio: DJ Kenny Matos (USA) with Anita.
Spotted on the dance floor: Mike, Erin, Jorge, Christa & Dan.
A good time was had by all.