Club Reports: Independent Bar, Studio 27, Bikkuri Lounge

You know by now if it’s at all possible on a Saturday night, I’m going to drop by Independent Bar. It was stop #1 last night!
Just as it should be on a Saturday night, DJ Indie John (USA) in the perch.
The music 80’s New Wave.
It’s the music everyone knows the words to.
Spotted in VIP: (Front) Tracy & DJ Parry (USA); (Rear) DJ Kimball Collins (USA) & DJ Smilin Dan (USA).
It happens every Saturday night under the shiny disco ball.
Studio 27 is a new club located on Church Street where Native Social Bar and Mako’s used to operate.
DJ C-Nel (USA) was in the booth during our visit.
The dance floor you remember from Native is still open for business.
And the mix of Hip Hop hits, Latin and Top 40 led to activity on the floor.
The bar that used to operate on this mezzanine level has been removed in favor of a VIP area.
Hopefully places like Studio 27 will lead to a resurgence along Church Street where a number of venues have closed these past few years. But the Hip Hop format faces strong competition downtown from megaclubs such as The Beacham and Tier. And now, even Celine is going Hip Hop on Saturday nights.
The building says “Sticky Rice” downstairs on the front. But upstairs around back you’ll find Bikkuri Lounge.
DJ Robotic (USA) was at the helm when we arrived playing a lot of old school Breaks.
There was actually quite a few people in the club but nearly all of them were along the perimeter instead of up front dancing!
Well, except these two!
Spotted on the dance floor: Jim and World Famous Shawn Fenn.
Spotted in the foyer: Heather & DJ Rich D (USA)
Coming on at 1am, DJ Dave London (GB/USA).
Finally a few people moved onto the dance floor!
The 90’s are back in style and so are JNCO’s!
One of the great things about Bikkuri is this ever-changing light wall. One of the bad things about Bikkuri is that you have to draw your own crowd. It’s not downtown so no one is going to walk by, see “sticky rice” in front and decide to wander in.
We’ve seen Dave London numerous times over the years and he always delivers a great, unique set!
Trying to capture that wall in all its glory!
A good time was had by all.