Concert Report: DJ Jellybean Benitez (Iron Cow)

Began my Friday night at Bar B where you can always count on great music!
Because of Friday night resident DJ Jimmy Joslin (USA) running the show.
Things began slow during the 10 o’clock hour.
But a crowd was beginning to form for his set of Dance classics and House!
Couldn’t stick around long though because the Iron Cow was calling!
For one of the legends of Disco, DJ Jellybean Benitez (USA).
The club was mobbed!
Everyone going crazy for 70’s Disco!
It was next to impossible to move about the place!
So you danced where you could!
Jellybean Benitez was one of the DJ’s at the most famous Disco ever, Studio 54 in New York!
Old School! Do you all remember when DJ’s queued up their music with this type of earphone?
Jellybean is currently Executive Producer at Studio 54 Radio heard on Sirius/XM Satellite Radio in North America. When that channel launched back in 2011, the Blog was an invited guest so check out the pics from that night: Link
DJ Tony Touch (USA) played segments last night as well.
2am and no one was leaving!
Also from NYC, his selections were more on the Nu-Disco and House side.
The vibe in the room was amazing!
Jellybean getting ready to come back on!
An electric, amazing night!
Because 70’s Disco is big again (did it ever go away?)
The shiny Disco ball was spinning!
And a good time was had by all.