Club Reports: CityWalk Lagoon Stage, Fat Tuesday, The Groove, Bikkuri Lounge, Grumpy’s, Iron Cow

Friday night’s weather was perfect, neither warm nor cool. We were not as lucky last night with temps in the low 50’s. It was COLD!!!!! We began at CityWalk at Universal Orlando.
They have DJ events on weekend nights at the CityWalk Lagoon Stage and it’s usually packed. Last night it was just too damn cold!
We found DJ Joe Joe (USA) on the stage playing some Classic Dance tunes during our visit.
Just a few hearty souls dancing to the beats!
Quick stop at Fat Tuesday for frozen concoctions even on this chilly night.
And really to say hello to Blog-favorite Tiffany!
CityWalk’s main dance club is The Groove and it’s been awhile since we’ve dropped-in.
DJ J. Taylor (USA) was in the corner booth in the early time slot prior to the headliner coming on at 11pm.
Only a handful on the dance floor when I first arrived.
But it quickly filled-up! And wow, where the headliners here typically play a lot of Hip Hop, J. Taylor’s set was a lot of EDM! Who knew?
Over the years they’ve toyed-around with different VIP seating arrangements at The Groove and currently the two corners of the dance floor are their homes. This is better than in the past when VIP occupied the entire space up against the stage.
Located in Orlando’s Viet Nam Town district, Bikkuri is a restaurant in front and a hidden second-floor dance club in the back.
When I arrived DJ Agni (IS/USA) was just turning the controls over to DJ Robb Blak (USA).
Agni’s set was straight Trance.
Not crowded but hardly empty either.
Robb went Psy-Trance on us!
Spotted by VIP: DJ Suzy Solar (USA) & DJ Brian Benning (USA). They announced that DJ Alex M.O.R.P.H. (D) will be here at Bikkuri on Friday, February 28th. Awesome!
Light show going on!
Located in Orlando’s Mills 50 district, Grumpy’s is a small venue that is easy to overlook.
DJ Losman (USA) was in the booth when I first arrived.
Small venue reminds me of the old Sandwich Bar.
Breaks all night long!
DJ Phin (USA) taking over late.
Interesting place; will have to check it out again!
Located in Orlando’s Milk district, Iron Cow is another hidden gem located away from downtown’s madness.
DJ Robby Clark (USA) on stage delivering the good stuff!
House music all night long!
Big crowd in the club.
Next Friday night Studio 54 original DJ Jellybean Benitez (USA) plays here at Iron Cow.
Spotted by the stage: Blog-favorites Cristine & Stacey
Spotted on the dance floor: Makenna with Cristine.
Robby Clark is based in Seattle.
Iron Cow is home to so many great DJ events.
A good time was had by all.