Club Reports: Bob’s 3rd Annual Bar Crawl

Last night it was time for Bob’s 3rd Annual Bar Crawl. We began early this time at 5pm at Ember.
DJ Jimmy Joslin (USA) was in the booth delivering the tunes!
We began with around 50 people on the crawl with about half inside the venue.
And the other half outside on both levels of Ember’s famous patio.
With Ember’s “3 for 1” Happy Hour, we stayed here until 9pm when other clubs opened!
Jimmy was playing a lot of older Top 40. He’s here every Friday night for Happy Hour before switching over to Bar B where he plays mostly Old School Classic Dance.
Spotted on the dance floor: SarahK
Next stop on the tour, Independent Bar.
DJ Matt (USA) was playing Open Format.
There was a birthday party for someone popular taking place and the place was pretty crowded.
But no one was dancing at this early hour.
Spotted in VIP: Kristy
Always a fun time at I-Bar!
I could hear the music from Aero Bar down on the street below so it deserved a visit!
DJ Robin (USA) was responsible for what we were hearing!
House music all night long!
Spotted through the fog: Sue, Kristy, Nicole & Amy
The lasers were flying!
Robin mixing House and EDM.
And since Aero is a rooftop bar, you’re literally “dancing with the stars”!
OK, someone in the group wanted Country music so across to Saddle Up we went.
DJ Michael D Flash (USA) was working the decks1
Still 13 of us remaining!
The music was actually Top 40 with a little bit of Country being added towards the end of our visit.
Beer Pong winners!
The Lodge is one of my favorite places downtown!
The large fireplace with televised fire gives patrons the feeling that they’re in an authentic hunting lodge.
As do the dead animals on the wall!
DJ Josh (USA) was taking care of the music.
Which was Top 40 old and new.
The place was pretty crowded.
But the bathrooms are not for the faint-hearted!
Wall Street Plaza is home to dance clubs Shine, The Other Bar and my favorite, Monkey Bar.
But we only stopped by to say hello to DJ Mynd (USA) who was playing on the Wall Street main stage.
When we had passed by earlier it was pretty crowded here but it was less so at this later hour.
Most everyone on the crawl had never been to Orlando’s new Halloween-themed bar, Cocktails & Screams.
Part of our group posed in front of the Cocktails & Screams selfie wall.
The venue is incredibly-themed including this Addams Family corner. But we don’t want to show you too much because you need to come see it for yourself!
These portraits on the wall…..
Will remind you of the Haunted Mansion at Disney’s Magic Kingdom.
Final stop of the night before grabbing some food was The Patio.
DJ Parry was on the boards playing Top 40 hits.
The dance floor was staying busy.
Spotted in the club: Denis & Juliet
Spotted on the dance floor: Tom & Amy
Spotted in VIP: Steve, Alicia, Kim & Sue
Always fun times at The Patio!
A good time was had by all.