Club Reports: Bikkuri Lounge, The Beacham, Independent Bar, McQueens

Saturday night in the city and we’re heading back in time! This building may say Sushi in the front, but there’s a dance club in the back!
DJ Random Movement (USA) playing current and 00’s Drum & Bass!
Great music but only 3 guys on the dance floor.
With a few others watching.
Spotted on the dance floor: East Side Angie
Bikkuri is home to this amazing ever-changing light wall.
Now heading back to the 90’s at The Beacham!
DJ Xclusive City (USA) & DJ Richie Rich (USA) in the booth!
The 90’s Pub Crawl was in the house!
Huge crowd dancing to 90’s hits!
Great vibe in the room!
A few costumes being worn.
Because everybody loves the 90’s!
Now heading further back to 80’s at Independent Bar!
DJ Indie John (USA) and Lighting Tech Ernie hard at work.
Huge crowd dancing to 80’s New Wave hits!
The 90’s Night was a one-off but 80’s night here is every Saturday night!
Spotted on the dance floor: Jeff & Karen from Mannequins.
They’ve got the songs we all know the words to!
Because everybody loves the 80’s!
OK, we’ve done current, we’ve done 90’s, we’ve done 80’s. Time to go back one more decade to the 70’s at McQueens!
DJ David Velasquez (USA) spinning 70’s Disco hits, taking turns with DJ Phoenix Jagger (USA) standing behind him.
Big crowd in the club!
DJ Julian M (USA) was wearing his 70’s finest!
Spotted on the dance floor: Erick & Donna
This past November we attended The World’s Largest Disco event here.
Because everybody loves the 70’s! Everywhere we went last night, a good time was had by all.