Club Reports: Mai Thai, The Crow, Iron Cow, Celine

Mai Thai is an Asian fusion restaurant by day and at night it becomes a club.
First time visit for OEN and we found DJ Exclusive (USA) in the booth upon arrival.
The music was a fast-pasted mix of Hip Hop.
Only a handful of patrons during this early visit but the decor is über-cool!
Even the bar! Come check it out!
We’ve been to The Crow before but we were overdue for a visit.
DJ Nateofficial (USA) was mixing Reggaeton and light Hip Hop initially.
The Crow attracts a fine-looking crowd!
All of a sudden back-to-back Dance hits by Pussycat Dolls (USA) “Don’t Cha” and Rihanna (BDS) hit “Don’t Stop The Music” had me back on the revolving Mannequins dance floor circa 2007. Awesome!
The all-female bartender crew was getting into it as well!
Next stop, Iron Cow.
Here we found Detroit-based DJ Ponchartrain (USA) in the booth.
A smaller crowd on hand here.
The music was Nu-Disco; House music with a definite 70’s Disco vibe to it.
People were really getting in to it! Speaking of 70’s Disco, check out “Disco Fever” night tonight at McQueens!
Last stop of the evening was Celine.
Just caught the end of a set from DJ Celo (USA).
The music was Heavy Bass.
The lasers were flying!
There was lots of head-banging going on!
DJ PLSMA (USA) up next.
Continuing with the hard style!
Club was getting pretty crowded!
Reminded me of the energy we saw covering EDC back in November when Heavy Bass dominated many DJ sets. It’s not something we hear a lot of in downtown Orlando since Firestone / Venue 578 closed.
Around 1:30AM, everyone here to see DJ duo Lit Lords (USA).
Dance floor was packed!
The crowd was lit!
They had everyone bouncing!
Lit Lords are based in Fort Worth.
Around 2AM it started to thin-out. Really fun show!
A good time was had by all.