Club Reports: Kush, Elixir, Bar B

Friday night in the city and our first stop was Kush Hookah Lounge. It was early and DJ Jerry “The Reverend” Johnson was outside on the sidewalk planning his set.
So it was on to Elixir Bar.
Out on their famous dance patio, DJ Matt Enos (USA) was playing House.
It was still early so just a handful outside on the deck.
But people kept streaming in to see the headliner!
DJ Stacey Pullen (USA)
The dance floor got packed!
I was expecting Techno but it was House during my visit.
Spotted on the dance floor: Claudia and friends.
Stacey Pullen is based in Detroit, the home of Techno!
Great music and it was hard to leave. But we had to…..
Get over to Bar B.
Out on the patio, first time seeing DJ Dave Gluskin (USA) since EDC!
The crowd was building here too!
At the inside booth, DJ Jimmy Joslin (USA).
The peeps were going at it early and you knew already that this edition of “Jimmy Joslin & Friends Fridays” was going to be off the chain!
His Old school Miami Bass set had everyone bouncing!
Back outside for DJ Andrez (USA).
The patio is long and narrow and it quickly filled up!
Athena, Nikki & Jen showing how it’s done!
Happy birthday to DJ Heather Collins! Justin showing off new skins on her turntables!
Spotted on the patio: DJ Evolv3 (USA) and DJ Mark Sanchez (USA).
Spotted inside: DJ Daggett (USA) standing up.
And DJ Daggett lying down!
Spotted by the booth: Jen of Mazor Promotions.
Spotted in VIP: Ira of Mazor Promotions with DJ Tooltime.
Spotted on the patio: Anthony & Adriana
Spotted by the entrance: Mr. “Future Sound of Breaks” himself Glyn S. Morgan with Yalanda. You won’t want to miss his FSOB event “Devotion 2.0” coming up on February 15th at Ace Cafe. We’re awaiting lineup information and will post it.
Spotted on the dance floor: Nikki
Spotted outside: Shelly & Marcus
Spotted: DJ Steven Hart (USA), Brooke & Jen
Spotted inside: Promoter Pete Manos, DJ Beni Hill (USA) & DJ Phinn (USA)
Spotted busting a move: DJ Afrodisiax (USA)
Spotted: Tanyia & Jon E Rotten
Spotted: Jim and World Famouns Shawn Fenn.
Spotted outside the club: Rebecca, Brian, Michelle & Brandy
DJ Joe G$ (USA) took over next.
That look you get from real Bass!
Patio packed!
Another great set!
Back inside for DJ Tooltime (USA).
Breaks begats break dancing!
The fog machine was working overtime!
Show your stuff!
World famous Shawn Fenn visiting with the DJ!
The fireworks continued! DJ Sandy (USA) up next!
The room was close to capacity!
Back outside, who dat!
DJ Rob E (USA)
DJ Losman (USA) & DJ Heather Collins (USA) showing us that look you get from real Breaks & Bass!
First time seeing him since is amazing set at EDC-Orlando back in November.
Total craziness last night!
Final set outside from DJ Heather Collins (USA) herself!
Outside was jamming!
Heather opened the Wideawake Art Car Stage at Day 3 of EDC-Orlando this past year.
Last night she was having so much fun!
Outside, a good time was had by all.
Finally, the guy most everyone was here to see: DJ Krafty Kuts (GB).
Inside was jamming too!
Over the years we’ve seen Krafty Kuts at venues such as Icon and Native Social Bar.
Inside too, a good time was had by all.