Jimmy Joslin Birthday Party @ Bar B

Wasn’t it just a year ago that Jimmy Joslin had a birthday party? Yes, and last night, it was time to do one again! Bar B!
And there he was, on the outside decks, DJ Jimmy Joslin (USA).
On a night dedicated to Old Skool Breaks, giving us some Olive “You’re Not Alone”.
it was only 11PM and the Bar B patio was already jamming!
Two areas of music. One out here on the patio…..
And inside the club itself where we found DJ Losman (USA). (With Scott supervising!)
So many of the late 90’s / early 00’s Dance hits were Breaks.
The early dance floor inside was just getting started.
But within 15 minutes it was like this!
Spotted at the bar: Brian, Nicole & Brandy
Back outside, for DJ Mark Sanchez (USA).
Playing an amazing set off CD’s!
Of course we’ll be seeing Mark Sanchez again on New Years Eve at EPCOT-Italy as part of the most amazing NYE party in Orlando! Save Pleasure Island Blog and Orlando Entertainment News will have full coverage!
That look you get from real Breakbeats!
Mark had the dance floor bouncing!
Back in the main room, DJ Evolv3 (USA).
Of course we know Evolv3 from House of Blues Service Industry Nights!
Dance floor stayed busy!
Club stayed packed!
Spotted on the dance floor: DJ Justin Rossilini (USA) & DJ Heather Collins (USA)
Back outside! Eric Muniz is better known as…..
Xquizit DJ X (USA)
You know it’s really DJ X when you see this!
Playing Dance classics like Eurythmics “Sweet Dreams”.
And La Rissa’s “I Do Both Jay and Jane”.
Spotted on the dance floor: Athena with DJ Andrez (USA).
1AM inside and time for DJ Tooltime (USA).
Fresh from the Boombox Art Car Stage at EDC-Orlando last month!
Dance floor was close to capacity!
It got crazy in there!
A Breaks version of Fisher hit “Losing It”!
Spotted at the bar: The always-adorable Fal-N.
But wait, it wasn’t over yet!!
The closing outside set from DJ KJ of K5 (USA).
She’s a Pepper too!
Of course KJ played his biggest K5 hit “Passion”
Busy till the end!
A good time was had by all.