Visage Reunion 2019

Visage was a night club in the early 90’s that was home to some of the darker genres of music such as Alternative, Industrial, Goth and Punk. Every December Independent Bar becomes home to the Visage Runion!
Featuring the original Visage DJ Paul Vaine (USA).
And of course Tina Vaine in the ticket booth!
Arriving just before 11PM, it was already absolutely packed!
Like the AAHZ Reunion last month, it’s a celebration of the good old days we remember so fondly!
The place was close to impassable!
The first hours filled with music we used to hear at Visage.
The crowd filled with Visage regulars as well as I-Bar Saturday night regulars.
Spotted at the bar: DJ Smilin’ Dan (USA) & DJ The Reverend (USA) flanked by Dana & Tracy.
Spotted in VIP: Shelley, Christa & DJ Parry (USA)
Spotted on the dance floor: Christin & KT
Spotted on the dance floor: Mrs. Clause. (Editors Note: She’s younger than I remember her.)
Spotted in VIP: Christa, Shelley & Scott
Spotted on the dance floor: Karen & Jeff from Mannequins.
Spotted on the platform: Andrea & friends.
Midnight passed through and the place was still bedlam!
Visage itself predates my moving to Orlando but it was a club in the early 90’s on North OBT.
The crowd size shows that there is a demand for Paul Vaine to do this more than just once per year! Seems like it would be a Win Win Win for everyone!
The $5 cover charge obviously was not a barrier.
The last couple hours much of the music switched to more mainstream New Wave classics aka “Radio 80’s” that often get played here on Saturday nights.
Like “Whip It” by Devo (USA). The crowd roared its approval with every hit!
Finally after 2AM things began to thin out a bit.
WOW! A good time was had by all.