Club Reports: Shine, Monkey Bar, Iron Cow

Shine is the largest dance club in the Wall St. Plaza complex.
DJ Eric Draven (USA) was in the perch.
Small crowd initially but it always fills up fast. The music was mostly Hip Hop…..
So I wandered over to Monkey Bar.
For DJ Victor Escobar (USA).
House music had a small contingent on the dance floor.
He had people dancing in all the corners.
Monkey Bar resident DJ Dity (USA) would take over later.
Most people were hanging inside at the club’s famous Inside-Outside bar.
More people were hanging outside at the club’s famous Inside-Outside bar.
Now over to our main destination of the evening, Iron Cow for the “Queens of Noise”!
DJ FoxForce005 (USA) had just taken over when I arrived.
Nice crowd in the club.
Delivering us mostly vocal House!
Posing for Orlando Entertainment News, DJ Funkbaby (USA), DJ Lola B (USA) with FoxForce005.
DJ Lola B taking over next!
Such great music!
Lola B would tag-team with DJ Dani Orieta (USA).
Can never get enough vocal House!
Both kept the dance floor bouncing!
It was awesome and a good time was had by all.