Promo Only Meat & Greet

Promo Only is the world’s leading packager of music and music videos for DJ’s, clubs & restaurants. If you’re out somewhere and see a music video playing, there’s a great chance you’ll see the Promo Only label at both ends of the song! Located right here in Orlando, they will soon be moving to new studios in Altamonte Springs.
Last night they held their annual “Meat & Greet” featuring amazing smoked BBQ meats from DJ Pete Werner (USA). I was able to drop by for a little while.
Spotted in the break room: DJ Rincon (USA), DJ Chino (USA) & DJ Ish (USA), all from The Groove at Universal CityWalk.
Spotted in the studio throwing down: DJ Diezl (USA)
Spotted in the on-deck circle: DJ Flent D (USA)
Spotted in the offices: DJ Willie (USA)
Spotted in the archives: DJ David Z (USA) & DJ Maddox (USA)
Spotted in the archives: SarahK with Dance Singer Britt Daley (USA). Britt is best known for providing the vocals on DJ Morgan Page (USA) hit “Running Wild“.
DJ Baby Rincon (USA) made sure that a good time was had by all.