DJ Morgan Page @ Gilt

Every Saturday night you can count on great DJ’s playing at Gilt Nightclub.
Opening DJ D-Day (USA) was playing mostly House with some occasional Heavy Bass.
Crowded but not packed, at least initially.
But that would soon change.
Taking over at 1:05AM…..
DJ Morgan Page (USA)
Opening with part of his hit “The Longest Road”.
Packed to the rafters now!
“Running Wild” ft. Britt Daley
He always puts on a great show.
He was weaving his own hits with songs from other artists.
Spotted: Erick & Donna
Spotted having dinner: Official club photographer David Monteverde.
One of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you!
Spotted on the dance floor: Dr. Pinna (center) with friends.
We first met DJ Morgan Page back in 2013 at Firestone.
He was animated all night!
A good time was had by all.