Club Reports: Aero Bar, The Patio & Bar B

Chicago, EDC, Denver, Nassau and Toronto occupied Friday nights in November so for the first time in a month, downtown Orlando was where we were headed. And first on my list was Aero Bar!
DJ Robin (USA)
But we’re in that Thanksgiving to Christmas gap where downtown was just not that crowded.
Great House music on a chilly night at this rooftop club.
DJ Cliff T (USA)
Twenty years ago dancers would show off their Breakdancing skills. Nowadays they’re showing off their Shuffling skills!
Activity on the dance floor was slowly building.
Weekend dynamic DJ duo Robin & Cliff T.
It was starting to get crowded when I headed downstairs.
To The Patio and resident DJ Dan-e Crane (USA) in the booth delivering Top 40 hits.
It was pretty crowded here!
It’s “open format” here with Top 40 hits from multiple genres.
Taking over about 12:30am, DJ Parry (USA).
There really IS always a party at The Patio!
Weekend dynamic DJ duo Dan-e Crane & Parry.
Club Photographer Michael Khan taking a picture of me taking a picture of them!
Now over to Bar B, the Friday night home of Old Skool Breaks and Classic Dance!
DJ Jimmy Joslin (USA)
He’s turned Friday nights at Bar B into a must-attend event!
The bar was busy, even if the dance floor was not.
Christmas lights were flashing!
DJ Phunky Phin (USA) dropped us a few tunes.
Finally some peeps on the dance floor!
Taking over later, DJ Sandy (USA).
It was like a night listening to 95.3Party!
A good time was had by all.