EDC Orlando Main Stages Over The Years

The main stage at EDC-Orlando is always the kineticFIELD stage. The 9th Edition of EDC-Orlando is just 3 weeks away so let’s look back at the main stage during each previous year. During the first year in 2011, this was the kF stage. It was their smallest main stage ever.
In 2012 the stage was still relatively small but it grew some side panels.
In 2013 the stage grew larger. It’s the only year so far where there was a semi-circular design.
In 2014 the stage grew so large that it was relocated to McCracken Field instead of Tinker Field. It was the only year so far that the main stage was not immediately adjacent the football stadium. The circuitGROUNDS stage instead occupied that spot. This stage was called the Electric Cathedral.
In 2015 the owl returned as a theme to the kineticFIELD main stage and the stage returned to its traditional spot at Tinker Field adjacent the Citrus Bowl stadium.
At EDC-Orlando in 2016, the stage had grown to tremendous proportions!
The owls returned in 2017 as part of another huge stage.
Then last year 2018, their largest Orlando stage ever! And it was truly amazing all lit up. What will the 2019 stage look like? We know it’s so gigantic that they had to relocate it to land east of Camping World Stadium for the first time ever. You need to come out to EDC on November 8-9-10 and see it!

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