In Real Life @ Promo Only Studios

Promo Only is the world’s leading packager of music and music videos for DJ’s, clubs & restaurants. If you’re out somewhere and see a music video playing, there’s a great chance you’ll see the Promo Only label at both ends of the song!
And they’re based right here in Orlando!
High School girls on hand to experience a live in-studio mini-concert from…..
Up-and-Coming boy band “In Real Life.”
They would sing a handful of their hits, acoustic-style, for the gathered crowd.
The girls knew all the words!
Singing “Crazy AF” together!
We typically see DJ’s playing here at Promo Only.
Electric Violin?
These fans were thrilled to be here!
As the five top individual winners of the reality TV program “Boy Band“, they were brought together and given a recording contract to perform as a boy band.

They’ve performed on “Good Morning America”, “Jimmy Kimmel Live” and many other shows. Great little concert and we’ll be keeping an eye on them.