Krewella – Venue 578 – Oct 21 – 10pm


Venue 578 & AEG Live presents

Krewella New World Tour at Venue 578!


Krewella is a band—yes, a band—of contradictions, surprises, and unexpected influences. Krewella does not quite fit in with the EDM herd and therefore resonates deeply with anyone who does not quite fit in. To wit: It is one of the biggest rising names in dance music, but its beat-maker proclaims, “People standing behind tables putting their hands in the air is remedial.” The group name-drops Fall Out Boy, Blink 182, the Faint and Timbaland as inspirations. It is ostensibly an electronic act, though one formed by singer-songwriters and a guitar shredder who put live performance above all else, who cherish being flesh to flesh with their flock. Krewella is difficult to pigeonhole and thus speaks to all those who view themselves as difficult to pigeonhole. Which is all of us.