Third Eye Blind – House Of Blues – Oct 28 – 8pm


Third Eye Blind from San Francisco Mission District. Mostly guitars with other things knocking around. Riffs and deep beats Lyrics are expanded in a kinda hip hop way. That wrong thing you’re not supposed to say- we say it. Black on Black, pretty much from the beginning. It took us so long to get things this way but it really feels like we are underway now. Jacked on coffee, we are a fabulously disorganized bunch. We seek impact with friends, try to surf whenever we can, dirty jokes, looking out for each other, we have eyes and a voice so no surprise when we speak the fuck up. We care about shit. No sequencers, no backing tracks, not a DJ group. We believe in the gathering power of music. Guess you could say we are a motherfucking rock band. Born in shadow, made of lions, loud as fuck.