Orkid & Dj Rockit – Peek Orlando – July 15 – 9pm

(courtesy facebook)

It has been wayyyy too long since we have gotten to hang with our peeps Orkid & Dj Rockit aka Jenny and Rudy German! So we are gonna fly them in from California for the weekend!!! They are bringin da bebe too!!!! I am going to start a go fund me account to raise the money to pay for their plane tickets. We need to raise around $700 which should be easy as pie! 5 or 10 bux per person (or more if ya can) would be super awesome!

We got the old crew together for this one!


Sandra Cruz

Def Jeff

Joe G

Dj Rockit



Rich D.

Then we wake up on Sunday and head out to Wekiwa Island for the Friendamily Reunion! FRIENDS-FAMILY-FOOD-DRINKS-MUSIC
Starts at 11 AM
We are taking ova! Straight uppppp!!!!