La Oreja De Van Gogh – House of Blues Orlando – May 20 – 7pm


Twenty years, seven albums, thousands of emotions … Two decades have passed since five friends of San Sebastian stole time to their studies to form their first songs in a rehearsal room. That uncertain adventure, which they christened as The Ear of Van Gogh, would become an exciting global success, which has left along the way some of the most emblematic compositions of Spanish pop, a gallery of awards like no other artist in the country can Dream and the title of national band with majors sales of the 21st century.

Among many other awards, LOGV has won a Latin Grammy for Best Pop Album (2006), MTV International for Best Spanish Artist (2001), MTV Latino (2004), two Ondas Awards (1998 and 2003), two Music (1999 and 2003), a Amigo Award (1999) and Torches of Gold and Silver and Silver Gaviota in the Chilean festival of Viña del Mar (2005 and 2007). They are recognitions that accredit to the Ear of Van Gogh like a capital artist in the Spanish and Latin American pop scene, with a race endorsed by countless numbers 1 and more 50 disks of platinum and gold. All this at the stroke of great international tours and thanks to the power of their songs, but without losing even a bit of that initial spirit of the rehearsal room.

La Oreja is a career that fulfills The imaginary planet seven albums of study, albums in which you can find a collection of songs inscribed in the history of pop sung in Spanish and recorded in the memory of the public of Spain and Latin America. “If anyone takes the trouble to study the structure of the song of the Ear, awaits the grateful discovery that these songs have not been designed with tiralíneas. There is caprice, maybe even experimentation, in the construction of their themes, just as in the instrumental treatment, “wrote the journalist Diego A. Manrique in 2003. With the argument of those same songs, The Ear of Van Gogh has traveled half a planet On interminable tours in Spain, the United States, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Mexico, Puerto Rico, El Salvador, Peru, Panama, Ecuador, Colombia, Guatemala, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Panama and France. other countries.