Club Reports: Elixir Bar, Chunk’s Lounge

We began our Friday night at Elixir Bar in downtown Orlando.
Here for the new weekly “Fly Fridays” brought to you by Orlando’s new hit radio station, Fly 103.1.
In the booth delivering the hits, DJ Chino (USA).
First thing we noticed on arrival was the canopy with the lights and some of the sound was missing. When questioned about this, the response was along the lines of “Don’t you know there’s a hurricane coming?” DOH!
Just a handful on the dance floor at this early hour.
Because everyone was back by the bar drinking!
Elixir has a bar inside the building and then this one outside here on their famous patio.
Spotted in VIP: DJ veterans Marcio Pantoja (USA), Jimmy Joslin (USA) & Evolv3 (USA).
Last night was reminiscent of the covid19 peak back in 2020 when Elixir was somehow the only open club in town and DJ Chino would be cranking-out the House music! He kept us sane during those bleak months. LINK
Next stop last night was Chunk’s Lounge in north suburban Altamonte Springs.
Located where The Whale used to operate, the venue has gone upscale with a large bar on one side of the room and numerous cushion chairs along the other.
And a DJ booth towards the rear!
Delivering Breaks, DJ Losman (USA).
When we first arrived there was just a couple on the dance floor.
But the DJ got the floor jamming!
DJ Losman will be playing on the Saturday night Breaks Stage in November at EDC-Orlando.
Chunk’s is beer and wine only so I was “forced” to have a beer!
Spotted selling tickets: Carrie Marie
Spotted by the booth: DJ Amber Jane (USA). She had played earlier.
Spotted on the dance floor: DJ Sandra Cruz (USA), who had also played earlier, with Janet.
Spotted by the bar: Eric and Jamie
Spotted in the foyer: Jamie and Tanyia
Spotted at the bar: Sarah and World Famous Shawn Fenn
Spotted in VIP: Sandi Kathleen (forward) with friend (aft). (Editors Note: A week after my cruise, still using nautical terms!)
A surprise segment of Heavy Bass towards the end of Losman’s set had some heads banging!
But wow, a good time was had by all.