Club Reports: Pups Pub, Aero Bar, Iron Cow

It’s Friday night, then Saturday Sunday, what! We began the evening at downtown’s popular new dog bar, Pups Pub.
Three dogs walked into a bar with their owner to do shots. The bartender walked up and told the owner that dogs weren’t allowed but the owner assured the bartender that the dogs could talk. The bartender told the owner that if they could really talk, they could stay. So the owner asks the dog on the far right, what’s on top of a house? The dog responded with “Roof”. The owner then asks the middle dog, what do you find on the outside of a tree? That dog responded with “Bark” The owner then asks the dog on the far left, who is the greatest baseball player of all time? The third dog answered with “Ruth”. At that point the bartender had heard enough and threw all of them out of the place. As they were leaving, the third dog says to the owner, “Maybe I should have said DiMaggio.”
But this is Pups Pub, where dogs are welcome anytime and it’s the people who get to use this full liquor bar! There’s usually music but last night they were playing the UCF football game.
And it was busy last night.
It’s all about the dogs!
Plenty of butt-sniffing too, just like people bars.
Come check this place out and you don’t need to bring a dog to enjoy!
It’s been awhile since we visited Aero Bar.
Resident DJ Cliff T (USA) was in the booth playing House and EDM.
It was early during our visit and people were just beginning to flow in.
The peeps want EDM!
It’s a rooftop bar and the lasers were flying!
You can hear great music here at Aero every Friday and Saturday night.
Next over to Orlando’s Milk District, home to the Iron Cow.
Arriving just after midnight, we walked into this!
We found DJ Atnarko (USA) in the booth.
And the dance floor was packed for House music.
The peeps want House music!
Spotted by the bar: Jaime and Christa
Spotted on the dance floor: DJ Nick Whitney (USA) and his girlfriend. Nick had opened the show earlier. Check out his big event next Friday night at Elixir Bar featuring many of the DJ’s that made his Discotheque series so popular such as DJ Flashdrive (USA), DJ Gay-Z (USA), DJ Totally Cool Dad (USA) and many more. Advance tickets are sold out but a limited number of walk-ups can get entry at the door. More details here.
It was quickly 12:30AM and time for a shift change.
DJ Three (USA)
His House vibes had the dance floor bouncing!
House music all night long.
The bar was jammed too!
We’ve seen so many world class DJ’s at Iron Cow so if you’ve never been yet, you need to come check it out.
A good time was had by all.