Club Reports: Dapper Duck, The Corner, The Patio, The Vanguard, Grumpys Underground

We began our Friday night rounds last night at Dapper Duck.
Stopping by because DJ Xavier Orlando (USA) was playing downtown!
Even though it was still before 10PM, the place was already jammed.
Dapper Duck is a great place to start the night.
The music was all Hip Hop hits during our visit.
It’s definitely not a dance club but more of a place to chit chat while you have a drink!
We wanted to check out Independent Bar, Barbarella, Wicked Whiskeys, The Corner so that was our next stop. Correct, Country music did not last even 3 months at Wicked Whiskeys so now our former beloved Independent Bar is called The Corner.
We found DJ Zeno (USA) in the booth playing mostly Top 40.
Interestingly, they advertise 4 dance floors in the club but we could only find one. When we inquired, we were told they were referring to The Corner‘s dance floor plus those in the adjoining Patio, Inside at The Patio plus Aero Bar upstairs,
No more boot scootin’ boogie on this new wood floor but we can’t say we’re unhappy about that!
Now directly connected to The Corner is The Patio where we stopped for a couple cheap drinks before 11PM.
We sneaked a pic of Friday/Saturday night resident DJ Parry (USA).
Even though it was still pretty early, the dance floor was seeing activity.
The music at The Patio is mostly Top 40.
Next stop, a long walk north to The Vanguard.
Where we walked into this!
Was able to catch the last half hour or so of the set from DJ Carlos Mendoza (EC/USA).
Techno Techno Techno!
And then promptly at 12:30AM, there she was, the Queen of Techno!
DJ Nicole Moudaber (RL/GB)
Continuing with what Carlos has started…..
Booming Techno!
Dance floor was packed wall-to-wall.
She had everyone bouncing!
Almost 10 years to the day, we had met both Carlos Mendoza and Nicole Moudaber for the first time when they played together in 2012 at the long-gone Senso Supper Club.
No one does poofed hair better than Nicole Moudaber!
What a show! Next Friday night at The Vanguard, DJ Flux Pavilion (GB) will be performing Dubstep here and next Saturday night, DJ ILLENIUM (USA) goes Future Bass here. Advance tickets here.
Still time for one more stop at Grumpys Underground.
Arrived early enough to catch the end of DJ Funkbaby’s (USA) set!
Breaks were the order of the evening!
Grumpys has become Orlando’s home of Breaks!
Funkbaby had played at last month’s Hydrotechnics Music Festival in Pennsylvania.
Spotted on the dance floor: Renee, Larry, DJ Berto (USA) and Katey.
DJ Berto dropped a few hits earlier in the evening while Katey is due to drop her new hit Mateo next month!
Spotted at the bar: Jody Marie, Brandy & Stacey
Since our last visit, a “Hug Zone” has been added outside.
Coming on late, DJ Jrok (USA).
Continuing with those Breakbeats!
Dance floor stayed busy.
Everywhere we went last night, a good time was had by all.