Club Reports: Fredster’s, Barbarella 2.0

We had been hearing and reading about Fredster’s, the club in north suburban Maitland that used to be The Silly Grape. For those that remember TSG, it’s been completely renovated and you wouldn’t recognize the place!
For one thing, there is now a huge stage at one end of the building where last night live band Stone Lotus (USA) was playing.
It’s true the clientele is a bit on the older side.
Orlando Weekly recently stated “Retirees pack the dance floor to test out their new hips” and “What’s old is old again.” We think that’s a bit harsh but the place is busier right after Social Security checks go out!
Nonetheless, Fredster’s was packed and the floor full as people danced to Classic Rock hits. Admission is typically free except for special events. Come check it out. You can find Fredster’s just off Keller Road south of Maitland Blvd/SR414.
Even harder to find is Barbarella 2.0 since it’s located just off John Young Parkway/SR423 in this warehouse marked only as Clearone Badminton.
Here we found DJ Rob (USA) at the helm leading the Saturday night festivities.
Since our last visit they’ve added a proper DJ booth to the facility.
The parking lot was jammed so it was no surprise finding the dance floor the same way!
The Saturday night format is the same as when they were downtown: 80’s New Wave and Alternative.
DJ Rob was subbing for Barbarella resident DJ Kimball Collins (USA) who was playing down in Fort Lauderdale last night.
People are always reminiscing for warehouse parties and the underground scene. Folks, look no further because it’s right here at Barbarella! They’re open Saturday nights only but beginning on August 12th they will be open on the second Friday of every month for their “Memento Mori” Goth/Dark Wave nights.
A good time was had by all.