Club Report: Barbarella 2.0 Opening

Saturday night had arrived and with a two week gap from our last dose of Barbarella, it was time for the soft opening for Barbarella 2.0 aka Club 4141. Located off north John Young Parkway, the new venue will take over part of this pickleball facility every Saturday night. Arriving around 10:15pm, we found the parking lot already half full of vehicles!
And walked into THIS!
Just as it should be on a Saturday night at Barbarella, DJ Indie John (USA) was in the booth.
Delivering 80’s New Wave and Alternative.
Besides the dance floor area, there is a large seating area too.
As we mentioned earlier in the week, the full liquor license has not yet transferred to this new location so beer and wine are the primary drinks available. However, apparently Florida law now allows beer/wine licensees to also sell hard liquor as long as they are prepackaged. There was a good assortment of premixed drinks available in cans and the prices were more than reasonable.
That video wall was very reminiscent of Independent Bar / Barbarella 1.0.
Complete with numerous Promo Only videos!
We saw so many familiar faces from I-Bar including CJ and DJ Gregory B (USA).
Yes, that is a Picklerella tee he was wearing!
Spotted in the booth: Tracy with Barbarella Lighting Tech Ernie. (Sorry, some pics turned out a bit blurry last night. Not sure if it was the camera…..or the cameraman.)
Spotted on the dance floor: Angie
Spotted by the monitors: Karen
Spotted in VIP: Tina & Christa
Spotted in the seating area: Jose
Spotted on the dance floor: Mark
Spotted on the dance floor: DeAnn
Spotted on the dance floor: Christopher & Amy (sorry, also blurry)
The mysterious DJ KC Cut (USA) took over later.
The pickleball courts were on the other side of 6′ barriers and blacked-out so you really didn’t notice that they were there. This new warehouse location is like an old-school Rave!
Everyone had ideas on how to make the place better; this was the soft opening. Vinyl had been rolled out over the nearest pickleball court in order to protect the surface from heels and spills. But dancing unpredictably caused the floor to bunch-up so that doesn’t work. We’re told that next week they will swap the seating area and dance floor area in order to bring dancers closer to the video monitors and the lighting.
The bar area only had two bartenders which meant lines 7-8 people deep at times. The prior downtown location also had crowds at their bars but since it was more spread-out, it wasn’t as noticeable. But this is a good problem to have and can easily be remedied.
Overall an impressive night for the new Barbarella opening. You need to come check this place out! They will be open on Saturday nights only so plan your visit. Really fun and a good time was had by all.