Club Reports: Saturday Night With The Mouse

We decided that this weekend we would spend our Saturday night with the Mouse. So even though it’s still Spring Break and it was right in the middle of the dinner hour, we somehow snagged a parking spot in a Disney Springs garage and here we were!
First we checked out the three “Water” stages beginning with the Water Fountain Stage. Located in Disney Springs Marketplace, Disney typically has a family dance party here in the evening but last night, nothing.
The DJ booth was completely empty.
A live band was playing at the Waterside Stage though.
The band La Calle (USA) was playing Latin hits even us Anglo’s would recognize.
A good-sized crowd had gathered, led by none other than Eddy Maserati. Our other Blog, Save Pleasure Island, did an article about him a few years ago. LINK
View of the Waterside Stage from the back side gives a good perspective of the crowd size.
Now over to Pleasure Island itself and the Waterview Stage.
Live band Wassalou (USA) was playing Afropop and Caribbean beats.
First time seeing them out here at the Springs.
This stage is located where Rock’N’Roll Beach Club once stood.
Next stop was STK, located at West End Plaza on the Island where Comedy Warehouse used to stand.
Here we found DJ Marcos Lado (RA/USA) in the booth playing Top 40.
There is an upscale lounge where diners can congregate awaiting tables for dinner but STK never developed the place to be a bar or club in its own right.
Next, leaving the Island over to Disney Springs West Side to Stargazers Bar.
Never got his name but this guy was playing and singing Contemporary hits.
And there was a small contingent of patrons here. We’ve seen this place packed but it was still pretty early last night.
Planet Hollywood Observatory was our next stop.
DJ Solo (USA) was in the booth controlling the Top 40 & Disney music and videos.
The videos are projected up onto the Observatory ceiling above the diners.
Across from PH, the so-called “Orange Node” Stage.
The live Fire Lake Band was playing 70’s, 80’s & 90’s Rock hits.
Splitsville was busy too last night!
These two guys were taking turns singing medleys at their outdoor bar.
It was great to see that Cirque du Soleil is back in business with their all-new show.
The place was absolutely jammed!
House of Blues has been back in the concert business for several months now but this was the first DJ show we’ve noticed.
The queue wrapped around the building for a sold out show headlined by Black Tiger Sex Machine (CDN).
Arrived inside to find the dance floor already looking like this!
The opening act, a b2b set by DJ Hairitage (USA) and DJ Swarm (USA).
Their Dubstep set had the crowd in a frenzy!
It’s been a few years since we’ve been in HOB but no changes to the venue were noticed. Even my favorite bartender was back in her spot!
The merchandise booth had a long line for Black Tiger Sex Machine logo tees.
Second act, DJ Ace Aura (USA).
He continued with this Heavy Bass mayhem. Knowing the headliners were at least 2 hours away, this was as good as time as any to be…..moving on.
To Atlantic Dance Hall. While they are heavy on 90’s Hip Hop hits, we knew we were safe from Dubstep.
We found Pleasure Islander DJ Frankie (USA) in the booth.
Playing Top 40 videos old and new.
And with a female to male ratio of 4:1 last night, who could complain!
Spotted on the dance floor: Dawn from 8TRAX with a friend.
ADH is one of the few clubs in town where patrons wear Mouse ears. OK, well, it’s the only club in town where patrons wear Mouse ears.
The place is massive so even when there are a lot of people here, it looks empty.
Admission and parking are free at Disney‘s only remaining owned & operated dance club.
Everywhere we went last night, a good time was had by all.