Attic Club @ Horizon Pool (MSC Virtuosa)

MSC Virtuosa is a new cruise ship that was just christened by actress Sofia Loren (I) this past Monday in Dubai. Last night (Sunday night) we checked out one of the ship’s discos called Attic Club at the Horizon Pool.
Arriving just a few minutes after the venue’s 10:30PM opening, there wasn’t a lot of activity yet on the outdoor dance floor which is located on Deck 16 aft on the ship.
The music brought to us by DJ Oleksandr (UA).
The DJ booth was up high on Deck 18, overlooking the pool area below.
Within a few minutes the infectious Dance music began to attract a crowd!
The DJ had everyone bouncing.
There were actually quite a few people here, it’s just that most of them were in the seating area having drinks. The venue was considerably more crowded last year when we attended the Sailaway Party on older sister ship MSC Bellissima. LINK
The music was pretty much all EDM & House.
Off the starboard side, an oil platform burning off natural gas. There are dozens of these if not hundreds of them here in the Persian Gulf and you could occasionally smell them.
The music was old and new Dance hits.
I’m sure it got more crowded later but with an early day today, couldn’t stick around long. We’ll report back later in the week. A good time was had by all.