Club Reports: Ace Cafe, Gilt Concert Venue

Saturday night in the city and dropping by Ace Cafe Orlando where you can sometimes find music inside, sometimes outside and sometimes both!
First inside and I walked into this!
On stage, Sergio Muñoz better known as DJ Fur Coat (YV/E).
The inside this evening dedicated to Techno.
And the sound was booming!
Fur Coat had the crowd bouncing.
Big crowd on hand.
The peeps want Techno.
Spotted on the mezzanine: DJ Tooltime (USA), Jennifer, Event Producer Luis Evans of Vizion One and Kelly.
And here on the outside stage, DJ Luttrell (USA).
While inside was Techno, outside was House!
He too had everyone bouncing!
We had just seen Luttrell playing last Saturday at ARC Music Festival in Chicago!
Last night’s crowd definitely more intimate.
All taking place on the famous Ace lawn beneath the Orlando skyline.
Next over to Gilt Concert Venue.
Where DJ Kilmer (USA) was on upon arrival.
The dance floor activity was just picking up.
Playing a surprisingly good vocal Trance set.
Kilmer is based in Tampa.
His set ended all too soon……
And DJ Deka (USA) took over.
By now getting really crowded.
As anticipation for the night’s headliner grew!
Deka moved the music over to vocal House.
Spotted looking bashful: Babita & Crystal
Spotted up front: Donna & Erick
One more set to go from DJ Prankstisci (USA).
He too bringing us mostly vocal House.
Driving the crowd into a frenzy!
Party in VIP.
Prankstisci aka The Pranksta played at Day 3 of Electric Daisy Carnival – Orlando in 2019.
By now Gilt was packed to the rafters!
And then there he was, trying to sneak onto the stage…..
DJ Alesso (S)
Playing a House set that included some of his own hits plus other music.
Arguably the biggest show to hit Gilt since Afrojack (NL) played here in 2010.
Most people were smiling!
Walk-up prices at the door reached $100 per person last night!
Alesso is based in Stockholm. Back in 2012 we speculated that some of the best DJ’s in the world at the time were from Sweden. LINK
He had everyone bouncing!
It was hard to move about the place!
Overview of how crowded the dance floor got.
Alesso plays at a lot of music festivals so to see him up close doing a club set is really amazing!
Alesso was ranked #45 in the Top 100 poll by DJMag readers last year. LINK Voting for 2021 is currently in progress.
Confetti explosion!
At both venues last night, a good time was had by all.