Breaking News: I-Bar VIP Bench Seat Has Been Reupholstered!

Over the years we’ve taken thousands of pictures inside Independent Bar and dozens of them have included their VIP bench seat in the booth.
We’re beginning our article with this picture because it provides a great view of the famed orange-brown bench seat. Everyone has coveted having their picture taken at the seat because it always came with our tag-line: Spotted in VIP. And this is a story you won’t find anywhere else!
Spotted in VIP: DJ’s Dave Cannalte (USA), The Reverend (USA) & Kimball Collins (USA)
Spotted in VIP: DJ Icey (USA) flanked by Myndie & Stacie
Spotted in VIP: DJ Smilin’ Dan (USA), DJ Dave Cannalte, Christa & Tracy Lulu
Spotted in VIP: Dari with DJ Parry (USA)
Spotted in VIP: Ransom, Craig & Jenn
Spotted in VIP: Katherine, Nicole, Kristy, Emily & Juliet
Spotted in VIP: Doc John & Blog-favorite CJ.
Spotted in VIP: Keila
Spotted in VIP: Sarah K, Nicole & Randi
Spotted in VIP: Evah, Kristy, Maggie & Otto
And we have dozens more so you get the idea. But we have breaking news: With the recent name change from Independent Bar to Barbarella, other changes are happening too!
The famous VIP bench seat has been reupholstered!! Hope to take your picture on it soon.