Club Reports: Opa, Hampton Social, Blue Martini, Independent Bar, The Patio

Saturday night in the city and beginning our travels on I-Drive at Greek restaurant/bar Opa.
DJ G (USA) was in the booth playing Greek and Reggaeton.
The place was packed with diners enjoying great Greek specialties and then once fueled with ouzo…..
…they got up on their tables to dance! Yes, most places would throw you out if you got up on their tables but Opa actually encourages it!
Another Greek tradition involves breaking plates but they don’t do that here. But they do like to throw napkins!
Opa is located at Pointe Orlando along International Drive, as is The Hampton Social.
And it was here we found DJ Evolv3 (USA) in the booth.
There are multiple rooms including the main room where this large bar is located.
There are also two neon “selfie walls”.
The music is EDM, House & Top 40 with the beats moving faster as the night goes on.
Spotted at the bar: DJ Davie-D (USA) with Matt.
Spotted in VIP Seating: DJ Mynd (USA) with Allison.
Spotted by the Selfie Wall: Jimmy Jamz (USA) with Dakota. You all know Jimmy Jamz as the producer of those recent great shows “Breaks at the Beach” and “Beats at the Beach”. He promises another show in the near future but we’re just not allowed to tell you who, what, when or where! But stay tuned!
Spotted: DJ Jimmy Joslin (USA) flanked by DJ Mynd and Jimmy Jamz.
Another popular venue in Pointe Orlando is Blue Martini.
Up on the stage, DJ Magic Mike (USA).
The stage is located up and behind this large circular bar located at the front of the club.
There’s a small dance floor which was seeing some activity during my visit.
Party Animals!
Playing Top 40, Classics, Hip Hop hits, whatever, Magic Mike “magically” transformed the music into faster-paced EDM songs.
It was amazing!
Only the second or third time I’ve been to Blue Martini since they relocated away from Mall at Millenia to Pointe Orlando. Such a great vibe!
Now on to downtown Orlando. You know by now if it’s at all possible on a Saturday night, I’m going to try to stop by Independent Bar.
DJ KC Cuts (USA) was in the booth during my late arrival.
Good crowd in the club. The Saturday night format is 80’s New Wave and Alternative.
Everybody loves the 80’s! Don’t forget to get advance tickets for “Old School Summer” happening here at I-Bar on the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend, 4 weeks from tonight. The lineup includes DJ Icey (USA), Kimball Collins (USA), Dave Cannalte (USA) and Gregory B (USA). Don’t risk a sellout and be left outside trying to peek in! ADVANCE TICKETS HERE.
The Patio has a new sign but they are still claiming that there’s “always a party” there!
Friday-Saturday night resident DJ Parry (USA) was in the booth delivering the music.
Wow, The Patio was packed!
The music mostly Top 40 and Hip Hop hits.
But he also played some back-to-back DJ Icey (USA) booty breaks songs!
Including his brand new song “Cry Baby”. DJ Icey songs at The Patio. Who knew?
The place was absolutely crazy! Should be more fun here this coming Wednesday night for their Cinco de Mayo night ft. DJ Parry.
OK, so there really IS always a party at The Patio. Everywhere I went last night, a good time was had by all.