Club Reports: Embassy, Celine, Elixir

The run of Embassy Irish Bar at the corner of Orange & Central has come to a conclusion. Most recently known for Breaks on Thursday nights, House on Friday nights and 70’s & 80’s on Saturday nights, the place apparently did not make enough business to keep it going. This location once housed a branch of Banco Popular so we don’t know what will come next. Their beautiful large bar was still in there last night so perhaps they’ll look for a new bar/club tenant to take over. Sad.
Celine Nightclub is the Friday night home of EDM & House DJ’s every week. With this weekend’s headliner playing on Thursday night though, the Celine main room was dark last night but the rooftop was open.
It was up here we found DJ Iana (MD/USA).
Already a few on the dance floor at this early hour.
Playing something between Techno and Progressive House, we had last seen her play at Iron Cow last summer.
Taking over around 11:15PM, DJ Mathew Scot (USA).
He continued the vibe although it became more House-oriented.
‘Gonna start dancing real soon. But first, let me take a selfie.”
Next stop Elixir Bar.
Out on their famous patio, the dance floor here too was a bit empty. At least initially.
DJ Pacho Berrocal (CO/USA) putting out a more melodic edition of House music.
The outdoor bar was active.
While the dance floor slowly populated.
We had seen Pacho Berrocal completely destroy The Vanguard the last Friday night with his booming set. LINK
Spotted on the dance floor: Jose Melo
Coming on close to 12:30AM, last night’s headliner DJ Shahar (IL/USA).
Not sure where everybody came from but the dance floor suddenly got busy!
House music all night long.
Known for Chill, last night he was more traditional House at least during my visit.
A good time was had by all.