Club Reports: Celine Nightclub, The Vanguard

The weekend has arrived and beginning our festivities at Celine Nightclub where you’ll always find electronic dance music on Friday nights!
The headliner was already playing when I came through.
Dance floor in the main room was packed!
Italian by birth, EDX is based in Zurich.
Per our archives, he played here at Celine in September, 2018. He had also played at Venue 578 in February, 2017. LINK
He played a mix of House and the Deep House he is famous for.
I went briefly to the Celine rooftop but the DJ up there was playing Miley Cyrus (USA) so I quickly made a U-turn and came back down here.
Speaking of Venue 578, that venue (also more famously known as Firestone) has been gutted and completely rebuilt as The Vanguard.
Arrived to find DJ Skylar Williams (USA) in the booth.
The scheduled headliner DJ Artbat (UA) cancelled late yesterday afternoon and everyone’s ticket was refunded. So I did not expect many to come out anyway for this free show and early-on that proved to be true.
In a town that has a lot of clubs with great lighting, The Vanguard has the most-impressive system.
Delivering the evening’s theme music: Techno
DJ Pacho Berrocal (CO/USA) up next and continuing the Techno theme.
The lasers were flying.
And the club started to get crowded!
He had the crowd mesmerized at times, hooting and hollering at others. One of the best Techno sets I’ve ever witnessed!
And all too soon it was over. The evening’s new headliner then took over.
DJ Phoenix Jagger (USA)
Hard to see in the darkness and fog, but yes oh yes, the Techno crowd was here last night!
Phoenix did not begin quietly; his first song was booming!
The depth of the crowd was all the way back to the ground floor bar.
EDX was great at Celine but these three “locals” at The Vanguard were amazing! At both venues, a good time was had by all.